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pat robertson hears god again

little known fact: this guy loves black metal

Pat Robertson is hearing the Voice of God again. This time he says God maybe told him who’s gonna win the American Presidential election. Here’s the surprise: God maybe says it’s a Democrat?!

COLMES: You said that you convene with God on a regular basis. You go into deep prayer and mediation, and you just recently say to you was revealed who would be the winner in November. Is that correct?

ROBERTSON: I felt so. But I’m a little shaky on it and I didn’t want to say anything publicly. I’m not sure I heard from the Lord. And if I did, I hope I heard wrong.

In the way of a quick reality check, let’s remind ourselves that God also told Robertson that Bush would win 04 in a landslide (51% is not a landslide, God) and that the War in Iraq would go so well that the Republicans would stay in Congress for years to come.

Either God needs to work on his predictions or Robertson needs to get his inner ear checked.


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