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nas retitles album “nigger”

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This is gonna be interesting. You might have heard about Nas’ forthcoming record, tentatively titled Nigga. The dude has changed his mind and decided to go all the way with it: the new title is Nigger, and it’s set to drop December 11.

Nas scoffed at suggestions that Def Jam is hesitating at the album title and threatening not to release it. “I don’t know where that report came from, and neither does Def Jam,” he said.

The discussion has already started. The foolish are acting foolish. The wise are acting wise.

Fox News called Jesse Jackson and asked for a statement on the album title, and the Reverend promptly condemned it. Nas responded:

“Whether you in the NAACP or you Jesse Jackson, I respect all of them, I just want them to know: Never fall victim to Fox. Never fall victim to the sh– they do. What they do is try to hurry up and get you on the phone and try to get you to talk about something you might not know about yet.

“If Cornell West was making an album called Nigger, they would know he’s got something intellectual to say,” Nas continued. “To think I’m gonna say something that’s not intellectual is calling me a nigger, and to be called a nigger by Jesse Jackson and the NAACP is counterproductive, counter-revolutionary.”

I’m excited to see where this conversation is going to go.

via MTV
props to Nah Right & Boo Goo Doo Boom


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2 responses to “nas retitles album “nigger”

  1. DJ Gee

    There’s an interview on that has Nas really explaining himself. check it out, it makes you not so mad at what he’s doing.

  2. Assata ⋅

    He would do better to teach our children to stop using the word Nigga as a greeting. Teach our women to stop calling our men nigga’s so that they will stop acting like one. Teach our people to be proud and do away with any negative, degrading language. You cannot change the root of a word. Instead, you need to create a new word and give it a new meaning.

    Nas has no right to take such a delicate subject and put it out there the way that he is doing. He has to first go to the Black community and get approval to open up this channel. To many people is not acceptible language to use.

    I will not support anything that Nas is a part of anymore.

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