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trouble in shaolin

It seems it’s not all so simple down in the Shaolin these days. Infighting within the Wu-Tang Clan has reared its ugly head once again, with Ghostface accusing the RZA of not paying him for his contributions and suggesting Wu management of conspired to shelve his new album. He’s also upset that after announcing December 4th as the release date for his solo record The Big Dough Rehab, the new Wu record 8 Diagrams was moved to the same date.

The Big Dough Rehab is my album. 8 Diagrams is their album. But it ain’t go nothing to do with the regular members. ‘Cause I love Raekwon, Masta Killa, U-God, Genius, all them. But it’s on right now. A few of them…. n—as better pay my f—-ing money. Matter of fact, they can keep the money– just get me out of their life right now.”

It sucks hearing about fighting within a favorite group.

In related news, RZA won the first annual Chess Kings Invitational Tournament. Here’s hoping he can put that same strategic mind to use in dealing with these fractures.


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