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the urban monk goes hard

Not to say that his movie isn’t a competent beginners’ guide to global
warming, but in the same year that this guy got the Nobel Peace Prize,
they might as well have given the Nobel Prize for Literature to Michael
Crichton or Danielle Steele.

And then he drops some knowledge. A gassho to the Ven Barry Graham, for reminding us of reality even when it’s inconvenient.


About Justin Jacoby Smith

I’m Justin Jacoby Smith. Some people call me “hoosteen.” I live just outside Washington, DC. I like punk rock & country songs. I’m a data monkey. I Occupy DC, because a better world is possible. I’m a cohost & contributor for Voices of the 99%. I’ve served on the editorial board of the DC Mic Check. I briefly developed digital strategy for The Parley. I write poems. Sometimes I get published. Dig it.

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