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meanwhile, on the internets…

Here’s what’s happening:

-Tom Friedman is clueless and old. That’s the only conclusion I can come to after reading his recent piece on “Generation Q,” in which he spouts the boring boomer refrain that “these kids today just aren’t politically active like we were in the 60s.” Threat Level rightfully tears him a new one.

-Hit & Run is a little skeptical at junk science that suggests old people love spicy food. I wonder how Tom Friedman feels about curry?

-DJ Spooky writes about his contributions to the One Laptop Per Child project: breakbeats & remix software.

-Ornicus shows us the real face of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Greenpeace says we should eat kangaroo instead of beef?!


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I’m Justin Jacoby Smith. Some people call me “hoosteen.” I live just outside Washington, DC. I like punk rock & country songs. I’m a data monkey. I Occupy DC, because a better world is possible. I’m a cohost & contributor for Voices of the 99%. I’ve served on the editorial board of the DC Mic Check. I briefly developed digital strategy for The Parley. I write poems. Sometimes I get published. Dig it.

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