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what REALLY happened to the dinos

The unfortunately sincere Jack Chick has produced a new tract that explains how the dinosaurs (aka dragons) died out.

You’ve gotta know how the story ends.


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I’m Justin Jacoby Smith. Some people call me “hoosteen.” I live just outside Washington, DC. I like punk rock & country songs. I’m a data monkey. I Occupy DC, because a better world is possible. I’m a cohost & contributor for Voices of the 99%. I’ve served on the editorial board of the DC Mic Check. I briefly developed digital strategy for The Parley. I write poems. Sometimes I get published. Dig it.

3 responses to “what REALLY happened to the dinos

  1. Peter

    So THAT’s what happened to the dinosaurs. Thanks, Jack, for clearing that up. Good post, I had not seen that tract. You will dig this, over at there are 9 short films based on actual Chick tracts. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a kick out of them!

  2. Gregor ⋅

    Holy shit, I thought that cartoon was a joke, but I think the person who drew it actually was serious. My goodness.

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