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Asthmatic Kitty, Sufjan Stevens’ record label, owes a lot of its twee aesthetic to K Records. To celebrate K’s 25th birthday, Asthmatic Kitty is giving a little something back: a bunch of covers. Check out their AK Radio Player to hear AK artists cover a bunch of great K songs.

Prince is apparently suing everyone ever, or at least anyone who’s anyone in the music piracy game.

Everyone that lives in the Gaza Strip is now an enemy combatant.
Nice interview with Jay over at Entertainment Weekly. Dude discusses Graduation, the “I Get Money” remix (have you heard it yet?), and Kanye’s work ethic.

50, in his sad attempt to defer admitting defeat, says Def Jam is falsifying Ye’s numbers. “They could be scanning one record four times,” he says.

Oh, and Kenny Chesney lost.


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